About Us

A new grooming salon in Hungerford, with a relaxing approach. We think a visit to the groomers should be a great experience for your pet. Our salon has strategically placed essential oil diffusers to reduce stress and anxiety during your dogs visit.

All our bath products are infused with aromatherapy oils like Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Lemongrass. 

In our luxury salon treatment, we offer a banana face mask which helps reduce the appearance of tear staining while brightening your dogs coat but most importantly its lick safe and hypoallergenic. 

Treatments available 

The Full Monty - named after my very first dog. This treatment covers a full shampoo, conditioner, tear stain wash, cut & style with nail trim and ear check... you name it, this treatment has it. Price starts at £45 depending on dog size. 

"Relaxavooo" - this treatment is great for nervous dogs, firstly a hemp biscuit will be offered upon arrival which is 100 % hypoallergenic, gluten free and vegan. The camomile aids stress and anxiety. Our essential oil massage promotes a feeling of calm and helps relax. Dogs have a stronger olfactory sense than humans,  inhaling essential oils therefore transporting them into the bloodstream more quickly. Which makes aromatherapy such a success for dogs. This spa treat can help with joint pain, aggressive behaviour, nervousness and much more.

Then, aromatherapy oils are used in our shampoos and conditioners (all dog safe), a banana face mask, paw butter and a good old fashioned cuddle with some chilled out tunes to boot. Price starts at £50 depending on dog size. 

(These Calm Groom biscuits are available to purchase at the Salon for a treat at home) 

Wash N Go - if you just have a dirty dawg', no haircut required. A deep shampoo and conditioning treatment, your dog will emerge clean and smelling wonderful again! Price starts at £38 depending on dog size.

Puppy Pamper -Calm introduction to the grooming salon, calm treats with hemp, walk around the salon, sit on the grooming table, ear check and clean, coat brush and paw butter. This will set your puppy up to associate a grooming salon with a fun, relaxed place to be. 
Price is £20.


Contact us on: 07958412154 

 Salon is located at 109 High Street, Hungerford Berkshire RG17 0NB  

        email: calmdoggrooming1@gmail.com            or find us on Facebook @calmgroom

Calm Groom - De-matting policy.
We will not attempt to de-matt at Calm Groom. 
De-matting is painful for your dog and the ONLY kind thing to do is shave the matts out to release them, take the pressure off skin and joints and allow the skin to breathe.
This may incur extra charges due to the toll it takes on our grooming equipment and also the extra time it takes us.

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